Area 51 how to enter a mission impossible

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Area 51 is famous for UFO enthusiasts as a shelter downtown alien spacecraft falls on the earth, among all the possible aliens crashed hard in Roswell in 1947, and as a place in which lie several military secrets. Will our heroes can enter the most famous military base in the world on September 20th or will they fail this mission?

Area 51 how to enter: is it possible to enter it?

Area 51 is a large area (large as Sardinia) military, where the US government experimented with new military technologies, but where many conspirators believe that there are hidden secrets even more important as the remains of alien spacecraft and even the bodies of extraterrestrials. A secret place, discovered only by Russian satellites during the cold war years, and inaccessible to anyone who does not have the authorization. So is it possible to enter area 51? The answer is no, the whole area is surrounded by soldiers ready to arrest anyone who only puts one foot in the military area, and the penalty is about six months in prison for not observing practically nothing at most the sign that warns you that you can’t go beyond that territorial limit. So unless you want to face the American army, entering Area 51 is an impossible mission, and you just have to go to Rachel, the nearest town (a metropolis of 98 inhabitants) and drink whiskey and buy an alien gadget in one of the shops present. So, what will happen on September 20? Certainly, the Pentagon did not take this peaceful invasion well, a spokesman for the US Air Force stated that the US government will defend the military base as per protocol.

Area 51 how to enter: Rachel and area 51

A new form of tourism is taking place all over the world, especially in the US, that is, visiting the most famous UFO sighting places (unidentified objects). In the states there are more and more people who choose to give up a vacation, perhaps on the sunny beaches of California, to go instead too often remote places in the country where there was a sighting of UFO, with the hope of a new appearance.

In southern Nevada, United States, stands Rachel, a very small town of only 80 people. Despite its size, however, this “village” attracts hordes of tourists from all over the planet. Why? Simple: it is the nearest town to the so-called Area 51 and holds the world record of sightings of unidentified flying objects. The ideal place for those who are “hunting for UFOs”. The city dedicated to the most famous ufologists of America sees all its inhabitants commit themselves to “sell” the aliens to tourists. From gadgets to stuffed toys, from road signs to meeting places: everything speaks ” extra-terrestrial “.

Area 51 how to enter: Roswell the main UFO site in the USA

 Roswell in New Mexico was until 1947 an unknown agricultural location in the United States, but in July of 1947, there was the first and most important ufo crash in history.

Initially, the news leaked that an alien spacecraft had crashed to the ground, but shortly afterward the US government denounced this news stating that only a meteorological probe balloon had fallen on New Mexico soil. At the beginning of the 1980s, Roswell returned to fashion after the confession of several witnesses who claimed to have seen a UFO and even alien bodies on that day in July 1947. In recent decades many people who are passionate about ufology visit this place that has become mystical, in fact in Roswell there is the UFO museum, with archives of images and videos on the subject, and there are numerous shops selling items on aliens. Roswell is, therefore, the capital of UFO tourism in the US and thanks to it an expanding tourism market has been created. If you are in New Mexico, you can also visit a Ufo accident site reported in Aztec and San Antonio. Roswell herself witnessed a second alien incident. You can also go to nearby Arizona to do the UFO sighting tourin Sedona hosted by an alleged kidnapped alien. I conclude by saying that probably nothing will happen on September 20, 2019, but those who are already gaining from this resounding and utopian initiative are the hoteliers of the municipalities adjacent to Area 51,  which sold out for that period.