Five tips for dealing with fear of flying

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Afraid of the sky

Fear of flying. More than three million adult Dutch people suffer from this, according to a study by the VALK foundation. Often it is about fear of heights, control or fear of an accident. Nowadays, more and more children think flying is scary. Not surprising, because a plane crash gets a lot of attention in the media.

You must acknowledge and accept the fear of flying. We give you five handy tips against the fear of flying.

1 Know that flying is safe

Good news: flying is a very safe way of traveling. The chance is very small that you will ever experience a dangerous situation during a flight. Do you find turbulence very exciting? At that moment think: “I am scared, but not in danger.” Know that your fear is real, but not the danger. The aircraft is built to withstand heavy turbulence. The wings are flexible up to 11 meters.

2 Carefree travel

Make sure you have a pleasant run-up to your flight. That way you are 1-0 ahead of your fear of flying! Pack your suitcase two days in advance. A packing list is indispensable, so you won’t forget anything this holiday. Also, check whether your identity card or passport is still valid. Furthermore: check-in in advance and choose the best airplane seat.

Departure from home on time. Prefer to go to the airport a little earlier to avoid delays. Then you have enough time to score a nice magazine at the airport!

3 Checks and maintenance

Did you know that the technical service and the pilot check the aircraft before and after the flight? They check if there is any damage, if the tires are still good and if any fluid has leaked. There is also an extensive inspection and maintenance every eight weeks. Safety comes first!

4 Don’t kid you

The engines, the wings, the wheels that collapse. Your head explodes with all impressions. Do not let them get to you! But what do you do then? Read a book, watch a movie or listen to quiet music. The less you are busy with strange noises around you, the better.

Is it just too much? Then try a relaxation exercise. Focus on your breathing. Breathe in gently, hold your breath, count to four, and then exhale slowly. Do this for a few minutes. Tip: share your restless feeling with the crew. They reassure you.

5 Focus on your prospect

Do not forget why you are on the plane, it is the start of something very fun. Shortly after your flight you will lie on the paradise beach in Mexico or enjoy the most delicious sushi in Tokyo. Happy Holidays!