How to get your flight reimbursed

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Someone else would rather get their flight repaid by a sponsor. Others, on the other hand, would like to recover the money from the plane ticket, which they may have booked in advance to save money, should they not be able to leave. For all those who want to get their flight reimbursed let’s see how to do it both in the event of unfortunate events, both with the various travel insurances and with a sponsorship request.

How to get your flight reimbursed in case of coincidental flight delays, strikes cancellations or overbooking

In the case of canceled flights, delays or overbooking the company is responsible. It is also in the case of damaged or lost luggage. Unfortunately, often the assistance in these cases is designed to make you believe that you are not entitled to a refund or make you still want to do so because several companies offer free legal assistance and accompany you handle the necessary reimbursement practice independently. So, whatever problems you have had, you should know that you have the right to a substantial repayment by law. Also, know that it is not easy to get it yourself, but it is very simple through companies that are dedicated exclusively to this, like”sosvolo” They will take care of everything for free, and will not withhold anything from the reimbursement that will be paid to you. Be careful because many other sites, on the other hand, require commissions often equal to 25% of the amount repaid.

How to get your airline’s flight repaid

If you can offer in exchange for advertising on social networks or even better through an indexed site you can propose to let you sponsor the trip from the structures, the airlines or the activities that will have to receive in exchange for SEO articles sufficiently indexed to justify their small investment. Small because it will not be a question of spending money but only of offering you a free service and therefore the cost for them who supply it is very low. It is one of the first revenues that Travel Bloggers can achieve when they reach a certain level.

As for the flight, in particular, some companies allow you to make the request directly online. But do not be fooled if you do not have a good structure behind you and you will get only a refusal of sufficient numbers.

In this regard, remember to always be wary of those who ask for money to offer you work or collaboration, probably not aiming to get that from you but simply your money.

How to get your flight reimbursed if you don’t leave

There are two methods.

The first

Is to buy a “Flex” rate that is flexible, but most of the time it costs a lot of money compared to the cheaper one. This rate allows you to cancel the flight or change it with more advantageous conditions.

The second method

Is to take out travel cancellation insurance. There are several of them I suggest you always read the electric information sheet. Most make you exercise the right to reimbursement of the trip only if you cancel it for reasons of serious force majeure (health problems that prevent you from leaving, tight and so on). Some policies are free services that your credit card offers. If you pay for your trip throughpaypal, for example, this online payment company sometimes offers you a free travel cancellation policy. The service is not always active so always check if the current promotion and the related information package.