Jet Lag solution. How to prepare for jet lag and tackle jet lag

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Here we are! Given that it is mid-afternoon, what could be better than a nice fun excursion to immediately dive into the mood of the holiday! Damn! The jet lag makes us feel like we were drunk, drugged or stoned … sometimes all three at once! Some suffer it little other very much. It took me years to get used to all these sudden changes. But here is a series of solutions. How to prepare yourself for jet lag right from the booking!

If you can, prepare yourself from before to face the possible change of time: face it in the right way and you will see that it will no longer be a big problem or at least will not compromise your journey.

The important thing is to understand the factors to consider and weigh them.

First of all, the most important thing is to consider it already when planning your trip: do not underestimate the time needed to deal with jet lag on arrival, especially if you change the time zone a lot. So try to program less important or at least more relaxing activities for the first few days. Yes I know that maybe the time is short you want to jump right in to snorkel in the reef, but try to take into account the fact that you could ruin the experience, especially if you don’t have twenty anymore, and then you need your biological cycles.

Maybe organize yourself to have an alternative to evaluating in case the jet lag makes you feel Woody Allen after a round in the ring with Mike Tyson!

How to prepare yourself for jet lag in the days before you leave

In addition to the usual things that advise all sites, how to avoid alcohol and caffeine, rest well, maintain a regular diet, and everything that would do the liver well and that you should do since you were born but you probably never will, c is something more. You can begin to get closer to the time, as much as possible, from one or two weeks before. Everything compatible with your personal and work commitments … unfortunately.

The method consists of slowly starting to move, as far as possible, the hours of sleep and waking to approach those that will be held once the destination of the journey is reached. Remember not to consider only the time zone but also the different habits you will have, or the time you will keep during your stay, may be different from the routine one. Estimated the difference then try to change your habits by 15-20 minutes a day, until you reduce it.

An example could clarify your ideas on how to prepare yourself for jet lag. Let’s imagine that on average you always get up at 8:00 because you are rich and single. In this case, among other things, you have no problem changing your schedules. You are about to leave for the north-east of the United States, and you have decided that you will get up every day at 6:00 am to see the sunrise while the possums and raccoons finish emptying the garbage cans. At this point, the time difference will be only 4 hours (6 due to the time difference -2, because you will get up earlier). Starting a few days before departure you will begin to wake up 10-15 minutes later than usual, and this will certainly not weigh you down. As a result, you will go to bed fifteen minutes later every day. In just over a week you will have postponed your two-hour alarm.

Similarly, you will proceed if you move eastward. In this case, you will have to anticipate your usual rest times.

A special case is when you travel in countries with the time zone of 11 or 12 hours, such as Hawaii for example. In this case, the method just described is particularly difficult even for those who are single and rich, because it means changing their biorhythm.

However, it is possible to adopt a different method which is to make an afternoon rest longer and longer because at that time you will find yourself sleeping when you are at your destination.

In the case of time zones around nine hours (such as Australia or West USA ), both the methods described above can be adopted a little.

Those who can afford it must try to reduce the gap before leaving.

How to deal with jet lag

In all cases, and especially if you cannot afford to change your schedules before departure, remember that jet lag should be taken from the front. I mean that the best way to reduce its effects is undoubtedly to make an effort at the beginning and try to adapt immediately to the local time. Moreover, this is only compromised on the first day of arrival, on the other hand, the aftermath can last a long time.

Maybe you can use a little help. Medicines, alcohol, caffeine and exciting drinks are not recommended. Those who do not have specific intolerances can take natural substances, chamomile to sleep or, to stay awake, guarana (a plant with a thousand proven qualities but with proven exciting properties better than caffeine).