Travel without luggage

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For us all this has been possible after several years of experience, in fact it is not easy to think of traveling minimal, without all that our society requires us to think that it is necessary; Super luxury hotels, suitcases full of clothes that in most cases we will not wear shoes of any kind, and so on. Mind you, we are not putting those who love to travel organized in excellent hotels to the pillory and those who love to be super equipped while traveling, but if you want directions on how to travel without a suitcase, perhaps a backpacker, this is the article for you. many reasons why leaving your suitcase at home can be a great way to travel by disconnecting the plug completely, “Weight” of thoughts, anxieties, and living the adventure to the full. In our case, for example, we love to venture backpacking, I realize that at first glance it would seem a very risky choice, especially when the areas to be visited are areas not always extremely civilized and maybe geographically very far away, but let’s go step by step, we begin to understand how to organize your adventure- travel traveling without luggage.

Traveling without luggage: we technically learn how to organize it

Thinking of traveling without a suitcase requires a great preparation of what will be your only trusted friend during the journey: the backpack. Of backpacks there are several, of different sizes and liters, the key thing to consider is that you will take with you throughout your holiday, with the heat, the cold and the rain, so the word is LIGHT and COMFORT’. Consider that many hostels and even hotels offer laundry service so if you can minimize your number of changes you will be able to stay light.

Try to bring very small things: small hairdryer, bottles for decanting shampoo or shower gel, and superfine towels, in short, all “pocket ” size. If you don’t start with a too-long backpacking trip, I also suggest you as a viable alternative Quechua backpacks, which can be purchased from Decathlon at acceptable prices, considering that you can find a 90 liters on the 90 euros, with adjustable belts and lots of pockets, if you are traveling with hand luggage that is the maximum size, larger in your hair not entreberre and you will have to board it.

Having said that, my first trip without luggage was touring Poland and Prague, we walked a lot (like 140km)and I won’t deny that I cursed him a bit, and maybe with hindsight so many things I would have left home, but trust me, once you have made your first trip you will understand how to organize yourself, everyone has their own needs. AH! Last but fundamental, it is a small pouch, to put the most important things; passport, cell phone, and of course wallets, to always have the most important things at hand without having to open the backpack.

 Traveling without suitcases: what is the meaning

It is obvious that for us, telling you to travel without luggage has a broad metaphorical meaning. Traveling without luggage implies a spirit of sacrifice that is not indifferent, but which in our opinion then creates what is the real JOURNEY, the experience.

You must know that in that small space all your needs must come, all your needs, and surely many preconceptions must be abandoned. Trust so many things that you felt were extremely necessary even for just a few days, your anxieties will be abandoned, like your fears. Another suggestion that could make you live the trip to the full, could be like in our case, venture into hostels, you can find all kinds of them on hostel world, thus having the opportunity to interact with people from different countries, and this certainly helps too to share experiences, from those related to the journey you are facing or referring to past experiences.

We strongly suggest that you travel without suitcases, not only in Europe but also for on-the-road cross-border journeys, which also greatly helps traveling. Often, for example, when children have certain experiences they think they are not feasible, it is certainly not too small for children, but in our travels, we have met many families, especially from northern Europe, who, organizing it, faced it without too many petunias. We must admit in fact that it belongs to our Italian mentality a little, especially when we have children, to believe that everything is indispensable and that the famous “ you never know”Can alleviate any problems that arise during the trip. We, therefore, give you another view of the facts; and if facing the problem, it can be a source of “personal growth” both for your children and for you.

We often do not understand how we can be discouraged by such futile things, that by looking at them with other eyes, they would become approachable. In short, even a small difficulty along the way would certainly enrich your soul.

Friends, we hope to have encouraged you to consider the idea of ​​a journey without luggage, free from all preconceptions, facing everything like life, with open arms.